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Faster R&D

We invests a certain percent of the revenue in R&D every year, which we believe is the key factor for faster developing.

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Faster Development

Ringford is focusing on developing new products, innovating new Technology and researching new materials.

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Faster Marketing

We growth with global marketing, marshal our proprietary technologies to work toward greater competitiveness.

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Ringford Team

We build a strong team of great people

We offer you a wide range of high caliber products. Backed by 120 skilled workers and 1,200 sq.m production space in Shenzhen & Shandong, Products quality is reinforced from the outset. A 100% quality program is adhered to, beginning with inspection of incoming materials, through to each stage and on to the finished product. Precise quality, punctual delivery, and competitive price comprise the aims of the management of Ringford.

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